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When should you deploy professional facility management services?

When your business is small and you can accommodate a tiny office space, facility management services may differ from the services you would look for. With the expansion, when you have a building or more, or from a single machine, you have grown to a production line deploying multiple pieces of machinery. It’s time for you to think of facility management and managing your facilities professionally. You may not think of facility management if it is an apartment complex with just a few flats. Still, suppose it has more than fifty or a hundred homes. In that case, a professionally managed facility management service provider can make a tangible difference in the quality of life it offers and cost savings.

The reasons for deploying a dedicated facility management service are many. According to a British study, over 30 years, the operating and maintenance cost of a building account for 6 per cent of the total cost and the cost of deploying personnel alone accounts for a whopping 92 per cent. Suppose you are running a facility where you frequently need the services of a plumber or an electrician. In that case, it’s time to think differently. Here in this article, we discuss the reasons and the conditions that should make you consider hiring a professional facility management service provider or a dedicated facility management team headed by a Facility Manager. This would help you offer an environment that is well-organized without any contingent situations and would provide an ambience where the end-users can thrive with comfort and ease.

At its core, the function of facility management is to focus on efficiently managing the facilities and the organization’s buildings, assets, and equipment in a way that offers the optimum value and service to the end users. Facility management draws its knowledge and expertise from multi-disciplinary sources. It deploys engineers, technicians, mechanics, and other personnel as needed. It ensures that the services are uninterrupted at the lowest cost with the best maintenance of the machinery and equipment. The question that often pops up in the minds of business owners and building owners is what is the right stage when they should think of deploying a professional facility management service provider. Here are a few instances indicating that it is the ripe time to think of deploying a professional facility management service provider.

1. When your maintenance cost escalates
Maintenance needs money, but it should stay within your business and budget. The other aspect is the repair costs which should be at most the budget, and frequent repairs mean there is something wrong with the maintenance. Where there are too many customer or end-user complaints and frequent uninterrupted services of the generator, elevator or any other equipment, you need to think differently. Another factor is the staffing expense. Suppose it seems to increase day by day. In that case, it’s certainly proper to outsource the facility management services or appoint a qualified and experienced Facility Manager.

2. Difficulties in asset management and tracking
Asset tracking is one of the essential elements of asset management to ensure capital drainage and lower maintenance costs. As you start to scale with bigger properties and larger establishments, it becomes challenging to track assets and keep account of the inventory with a proper inventory management system. If you face issues like:
• You do not maintain an asset register, or it is inadequate
• Assets become difficult to track
• It becomes difficult to declare the asset position at any time
• The position and condition of any asset are unknown
• No one notices if any equipment or tool goes missing
• Replacement happens even if there is equipment available

3. Incomplete maintenance tasks piling up
When incomplete tasks pile up, giving rise to situations like leaking taps, broken bulbs, and unattended air-conditioner issues, it’s time to reorganize your facility management services. These can create unnecessary employee or end-user dissatisfaction. As they say, happy employees are more productive; your facility management may start affecting your productivity. These indications allow you to look for professionally managed facility management service providers.

4. Recurring contingencies and safety issues
Recurring safety concerns and contingent situations indicate that the environment has a potential threat that requires serious intervention. This can also come up in the compliance audit that there are issues to be redressed as a few requirements are statutory when running an establishment. The frequently found problems that are common are as follows.

• Absence of a drill according to the guidelines, like a fire drill
• Lack of personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Lack of a register to maintain logs of accidents, contingencies, emergencies and injuries
Using the systematic management of technology and skilled manpower, specialized facility management services can take care of the factors described above. This minimizes accidents and averts emergencies and contingencies, ensuring smooth functioning, higher compliance and higher productivity, saving costs in all aspects.

When should you think differently?
If you face any of the above-described situations, it’s time to change. Whether you would form an in-house facility management team or outsource it doesn’t matter much. Still, you need to take facility management more seriously.

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