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Exceeding expectations is the outcome of our ever-improving standard operating procedures!

Each customer and resident is important to us, and our standard operating procedures are framed, keeping every user in mind. With regular service quality checks and app-based communication with customers, we ensure that we exceed the expectations of everyone using our facility.

Our services comprise the entire gamut of domestic and commercial units’ facility management and maintenance services. With years of experience, we have made ultimate customer satisfaction and zero-tolerance for complaints as the minimum benchmark for all the services we provide.


End-to-end Facility Management and Maintenance Services


Regular monitoring with periodic risk assessments and a well-planned preventive maintenance system helps us respond swiftly to all emergencies and daily requirements. However, everyday housekeeping activities are conducted with daily, weekly, and monthly schedules by trained and experienced housekeepers to ensure the highest quality of life.

Key Services:

Electrical Maintenance

Certified electricians are deployed to monitor and check the electrical wiring and preventive maintenance like earthing checks, Diesel Generator sets, and regular energy audits conducted to optimize energy consumption. Frequent safety audits are undertaken to ensure that the facilities are safe and secure to ensure minimal or no emergencies and uninterrupted services.

Key Services:

Waste Management

Segregation and garbage disposal are ensured, along with compost generation using the latest technology to produce manure reused in gardening. Along with this, the total maintenance of the garbage disposal system and the allied machinery is taken care of with routine and regular maintenance.

Key Services:

Pest Control Service

Pest control throughout the premises is executed along with fogging, misting, rodent and snake control, and removal of all weeds and breeding zones to ensure general hygiene and safety of your surrounding areas. With mechanized pest control mechanisms and herbal pesticides, we ensure no environmental toxicity, guaranteeing a clean and hygienic living and working room. Apart from that, there are regular audits to determine the cleanliness and hygiene of the spaces we manage.

Key Services:

Gardening Maintenance

A garden maintained by Krish-V is distinct in its choice of horticulture, finesse and style, irrespective of its shape and structure. Our gardening maintenance services include regular watering, de-weeding, lawn levelling, pruning, and trimming, along with landscape management and horticulture through trained and experienced horticulturists who would lend your compound a celestial edge.

Key Services:

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Maintenance of allowable PH and Chlorine levels of the swimming pool water and general hygiene is conducted per the seasonal requirements. Daily maintenance of the pool with all necessary repairs and maintenance measures to keep the swimming pool safe, healthy and hygienic.

Key Services:

STP & WTP Plant Maintenance

Mechanized water and sewage treatment are one of the areas we specialize in, as our proven and tested methods deliver quality with cost-effective means. Trained operators maintain Water Treatment Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants per the OEM & Pollution Control Board recommendations with frequent checking mechanisms as per the proven process.

Key Services:

Plumbing & Tank Maintenance

We provide round-the-clock water supply ensuring the monitoring of water levels, plumbing checks and cleaning and maintenance of sumps and Over Head Tanks periodically, along with the maintenance of rainwater harvesting apparatus and facilities. We ensure everything runs smoothly regarding the water supply of the total premises, including all individual residential units.

Key Services:

Security Services

Being Earnest and a Leading Security Service Provider to residential and commercial sectors, we identify potential hazards and stop the risk. With our effective security services, our experienced security personnel are quick to respond and perform security functions to avoid disruptions 24/7. 

Key Services:


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